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          Forex China EURUSD: 1.20394/1.20398         Forex Dubai GBPUSD: 1.39002/1.39006         Forex in China USDJPY: 109.266/109.270         Forex in Dubai USDCAD: 1.22540/1.22546         Forex brokers China USDCHF: 0.91014/0.91021         Forex brokers Dubai AUDUSD: 0.77394/0.77400         Forex brokers in China NZDUSD: 0.7197/0.7201         Forex brokers in Dubai EURAUD: 1.5553/1.5560         Forex Trading China EURCAD: 1.4751/1.4758         Forex Trading Dubai EURCHF: 1.0956/1.0960         China Forex EURGBP: 0.8660/0.8663         Dubai Forex EURJPY: 131.54/131.57         Spot Forex Dubai GBPAUD: 1.7958/1.7965         MT4 Forex China GBPCAD: 1.7031/1.7038         MT4 Forex Dubai GBPCHF: 1.2649/1.2655         Gold forex Trading GBPJPY: 151.86/151.91         Metals Forex Trading AUDCAD: 0.9482/0.9489         Mobile Forex Trading CHFJPY: 120.04/120.08         MT4 Forex Trading AUDCHF: 0.7041/0.7048         Meta quotes ICMB NZDCAD: 0.8818/0.8826         Meta Symbol for Trading NZDCHF: 0.6549/0.6557         Trading Symbol ICMB CADCHF: 0.7424/0.7430         Moblie FX China CADJPY: 89.15/89.20         Mobile FX Dubai AUDNZD: 1.0748/1.0756         FX China Brokers GOLD: 1793.60/1793.90         FX Dubai Brokers SILVER: 26.70/26.73         MT4 Dubai NG1M: 2.941/2.942         MT4 China DJ1M: 34145/34146         FX Brokers China ES1M: 4163.75/4164.00         FX Brokers Dubai NQ1M: 13521.25/13521.75         FX Trading Dubai SB1N: 17.71/17.78         ICMBrokers ECS1M: 1.2047/1.2049         Mobile Forex Trading BPS1M: 1.3900/1.3902         Mobile FX Trading SFS1M: 1.0997/1.0999         Forex in China MSFT: 246.40/246.50         Forex in Dubai NOK: 4.75/4.85         forex demo account MMM: 201.44/201.54         Online forex IBM: 145.19/145.29         Online Forex Brokers CSCO: 51.07/51.17         Online FX Duabi C: 73.62/73.72         Online FX China TWX: 98.87/98.97         forex demo account GE: 13.17/13.27         Forex Account Dubai GC1M: 1793.60/1793.70         Forex Account China SI1N: 26.810/26.815         MT4 Forex Dubai CL1M: 65.33/65.34         MT4 Forex China DAX1M: 15202.0/15204.0         icmbrokers forex NK1M: 29300/29320          
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ICM Brokers MetaTrader 4

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Forex Trading Dubai
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Forex Account Dubai
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Why ICM Brokers?

  • Multi-product trading software; ability to diversify your investments from one account
  • Trade various asset classes with superior liquidity
  • No maintenance margin; no margin call
  • Tight spreads as low as 0.5 pip; fixed spreads during news events
  • No swaps on frequently traded accounts
  • 24-hour service from Monday through Friday
  • Multilingual and professional dealing staff


ICM Brokers understands that each trader is different and we work to cater toward individual needs. This is why we introduced the Micro, Standard and Professional account types.

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ICM Brokers supports Introducing Brokers in ways that add value to your business. Our strength in delivering technical integration with our IB partners is key to our success.

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The Contract Specifications Table (for Standard Lots) includes information on all trading products available on ICM Brokers trading platform.

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