ICM Brokers Margin Requirement 2020

OTC Financial Futures

ICM Brokers offers different margin requirement for OTC Financial Futures based on the trading volume. As the trading volume increases the margin requirement increases automatically on the traded positions. The following table explains the margin requirement for each financial instrument:

Open Lots Margin Requirement
0.1 - 99.9 2,500 $
100 + 5,000 $

• Please note that the Margin Requirement applies for the total net open positions.

Example: the following example applies for multiple positions opened for OTC Financial Futures, an account has 210 lots short on SF and wants to buy 100 lots on SF the margin requirement will be calculated as the following:

210 (lots) Sell – 100 (lots) Buy = 110 (Total Net Positions) x 5,000 (Margin Required) = USD550,000 (Total Margin Required)