About IB Programs

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ICM Brokers offers an exceptional opportunity to create your own lucrative business or enhance the revenue of an already existing company through our Introducing Brokers Program (“IB Program”).

The business idea requires an IB to maintain a sales and marketing strategy geared towards attracting clients to ICM Brokers. The IB will generate income based on the trading volume executed by the introduced clients, i.e. the bigger the volume, the higher the income of the IB.

IB's can be confident that the wide selection of products offered with superior terms and conditions ensures that your clients will not be swayed by competitors. ICM Brokers offers an extensive list of instruments with narrow spreads and low margin requirements. We also accept accounts with various leverages ranging from 1:100 to 1:400.

Your clients will feel at ease with our proven trading system, ICMB Trader, with its real time trading capability, live streaming market data, real time charts and technical analysis, and a wealth of research reports from our own analysts as well as other major financial institutions. Additionally, our quick and efficient account opening process proves to your clients that you are working with a company that gives priority to customer service. You will find that our account opening and back-office departments are meticulous yet faithful to customers who demand urgency.

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