Multi-Terminal Software

ICM Brokers Multi Terminal Software is intended for simultaneous management of multiple accounts from one platform. It is mostly useful for fund managers and traders matching executions on many accounts at the same time Our Multi Terminal Software is simple to use yet combines great functionalities that allow effective trading across many accounts.

In order to download our Multi Terminal Software, please fill out the Multi-Terminal Application Form and send it to Upon receipt of your application, your file will undergo the full due diligence process by our Compliance Department which usually takes from 1 - 3 business days.

Benefits of ICM Brokers Multi-Terminal Platform

  • Managing a set of client accounts from one terminal
  • Performing trade operations for a set of accounts
  • Controlling and handling open positions and pending orders for a set of accounts
  • Receiving quotes and news in one terminal

For further assistant, you may contact our Customer Service Department via email

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