Expiration Schedule

September 2023

Expiration schedule for Future CFDs contract:

SymbolDescriptionLast Trade Date
NK3U September Nikkei 225 Index Future 01-09-2023
NQ3U September E-Mini NASDAQ Index Future 08-09-2023
ES3U September E-Mini S&P 500 Index Future 08-09-2023
DJ3U September Dow Jones Index Future 08-09-2023
DAX3U September DAX 40 Index Future 08-09-2023
ECS3U September Euro Future 15-09-2023
BPS3U September British Pound Future 15-09-2023
SFS3U September Swiss Franc Future 15-09-2023
CL3V October Light Sweet Crude Oil Future 15-09-2023
NG3V October Natural Gas Future 22-09-2023
SB3V October Sugar No:11 Future 22-09-2023

New Future CFDs contract starting schedule:

SymbolDescriptionFirst Trade Date
NK3Z December Nikkei 225 Index Future 30-08-2023
NQ3Z December E-Mini NASDAQ Index Future 06-09-2023
ES3Z December E-Mini S&P 500 Index Future 06-09-2023
DJ3Z December Dow Jones Index Future 06-09-2023
DAX3Z December DAX 40 Index Future 06-09-2023
ECS3Z December Euro Future 13-09-2023
BPS3Z December British Pound Future 13-09-2023
SFS3Z December Swiss Franc Future 13-09-2023
CL3X November Light Sweet Crude Oil Future 13-09-2023
NG3X November Natural Gas Future 20-09-2023
SB4H March Sugar No:11 Future 20-09-2023
  • All times is GMT
  • Schedules may subject to change without further notice
  • Only "closing" trades will be accepted on the last day of trading
  • All positions that remain open at expiration will be closed at end of day price on the last day of trading
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