Forex Forms


  1. ICM Brokers Individual Account Opening Form
    To be used when investors are interested in opening individual accounts
  2. ICM Brokers Terms and Conditions
  3. ICM Brokers Risk Disclosure
  4. ICM Brokers Order Execution Policy
  5. ICM Brokers Privacy Statement
  6. ICM Brokers Fee Disclosure


  1. ICMB Online Trading Platform Password Re-set Form To be used when investors want to change the password on their trading accounts
  2. ICM Brokers Complaint and Suggestion Form To be used if investors want to lodge a complaint/suggestion to ICM Brokers
  3. ICM Brokers Margin-In Request Form To be used when investors want to fund their trading accounts
  4. ICM Brokers Withdrawal Request Form To be used when investors want to withdraw funds from their trading accounts
  5. ICM Brokers Leverage Request Form


  1. AML CTF Policy
  2. Customer Identification and Due Diligence Procedures


  1. ICM Brokers IB Application Form
    To be used when potential Ibs are interested to establish an IB relationship with ICM Brokers
  2. ICM Brokers IB Agreement Other forms are restricted to the members’ area. Please login to access additional forms and to benefit from other Member Area services. Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service department on in case assistance is required on the login process.
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