OTC Precious Metals Futures


The Contract Specifications Table (for Standard Lots) includes information on all trading products available on ICM Brokers trading platform, such as:

  • Symbols with the description
  • Contract Sizes (Standard Lots)
  • Pip Values (Standard Lots)
  • Trading Hours and Breaks
  • Expiry dates for OTC Futures
InstrumentDescriptionContract SizeSpreadMinimum FluctuationPip ValueOrders LevelMargin Requirement
GC OTC Gold Futures 100 oz. Market 0.1 $10.00 50 Cents View
SI OTC Silver Futures 5,000 oz. Market 0.005 $25.00 5 Cents View
HG OTC Copper Futures 25,000 lbs Market 0.0001 $25.00 0.5 View


DayOpenClose Re-Open
Sunday 22:00    
Monday   21:00 22:00
Tuesday   21:00 22:00
Wednesday   21:00 22:00
Thursday   21:00 22:00
Friday   21:00  


  1. All times are GMT
  2. All above instruments are traded on "Market Execution"
  3. Market spread
  4. All pending orders are 'Good till cancelled'
  5. Slippage on pending orders may occur during high market volatility
  6. Gold and Silver futures are subject to daily overnight financing
  7. Clients will be notified of expiration and starting schedule for Future CFD contracts via internal mail and/or vide ICM Brokers platform
  8. Clients will be notified of public holidays via internal mail and/or vide ICM Brokers platform
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