Rollover Fees

The Rollover Fees schedule for spot instruments will be as follows:

  • Accounts holding net volume 0.01 - 9.99 lots:

    No rollover fees.
  • Accounts holding net volume 10 - 30 lots:

    Rollover fees will be charged if positions are held for more than 5 nights.
  • Accounts holding net volume more than 30 lots:

    Rollover fees will be charged on the additional volume above 30 lots from the first night.

Rollover fees for each night will be posted as a balance transaction at midnight every day, only if the trades are due to pay fees. Friday night fee is charged 3 times to account for the weekend.

Please note that these fees will vary depending on the specific spot instrument and are subject to change based on interest rate differentials in the market. Rollover Fees will be available and updated regularly in the ICM Brokers Investor Dashboard.