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ICM Brokers supports Introducing Brokers in ways that add value to your business. Our strength in delivering technical integration with our IB partners is key to our success. ICM Brokers has developed ICMB Assistant software to aid IB's with performance measurement and to offer them reporting tools necessary to fully support their introduced customers with their investments. The software is built on proven IT infrastructure, is easy to integrate, and comes with comprehensive reporting tools.

1. Benefits of ICMB Assistant

ICMB Assistant is marked-to-market and can be used to monitor a number of figures that are pertinent to the IB. The IB can query for the number of trades executed or the number of lots traded per customer. These figures can be filtered by customer, by symbol, or by date.

Additionally ICMB Assistant aids the IB in determining the income generated at any given day of the month, whether per customer or per symbol. Improved reporting with real-time administrative services allows the IB to become more intuitive and potentially grow its retail business.

2. Introduction

ICMB Assistant is an efficient tool designed and developed by ICMB to assist IB's in calculating their Commissions. It shows details of all the clients introduced by the Introducing Broker. These details include Client Name, Login, Margin, Free Margin, Equity and Balance. Additionally, it also generates a Detailed Commission Report that can be selected for all or some of the introduced customers of the IB, and filtered by date and/or symbol.

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3. Getting Started

Run the given setup file. This will install ICMB Assistant in your system. It will create a shortcut on your desktop and in your Program Menu.

4. Description

ICMB Assistant consists of 4 modules:

  • Main
    Enter the Password and click Login
  • Users
    Shows all the clients
  • Reports
    Generates Reports
  • About
    Identifies the software version

5. How to Use

Step 1: Enter the Password and click login. It will load ICMB Assistant. The When loading completes it will switch to the User's module
Step 2: In the User's module, you can view details of all the customers introduced by the IB. To get updated values, click Refresh
Step 3: To generate Reports click the Reports tab. Here you can generate reports for all the customers ‘Request All’ or selected clients ‘Request’
Step 4: To ‘Request’ for the selected period of time. After selecting 'Request' or 'RequestAll' select the time period for the report (You can select up to previous 60 days from today)

6. Technical Support

For comments, suggestions and technical support, please email to support@ICMBrokers.com