Spot Forex

Spot FX at ICM Brokers

Investors are continually turning to ICM Brokers for online trading on spot FX due to our aggressive pricing, deep liquidity and consistently superior service.

Our multi-product online trading software provides institutional and private clients with advantages similar to those of interbank dealers.

Advantages of Trading with ICM Brokers

  • A wide range of spot FX instruments including major currency pairs and crosses
  • Highly competitive tradable prices that are amongst the best in the industry
  • Fixed spreads even during economic events and hectic market conditions
  • Initial margin requirements of 1% on standard accounts; no maintenance margin
  • Possibility to increased leverage on smaller sized “mini” accounts
  • No swaps (overnight interest) on regularly traded accounts – no other hidden fees
  • No slippage on limit and stop orders
  • Ability to fully automate your trading by utilizing technical strategies to enter and exit the market
  • Extensive charting tools and financial news to add value to your trading experience

About the Spot FX Market

The forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world with an average traded value that exceeds USD 3 trillion per day. The spot foreign exchange market is not traded on an exchange but instead conducted over-the-counter through two counter parties. Originally, Forex was traded “Interbank” as trading was limited to banks trading with each other. However, with the advent of information systems and technology, financial institution began offering margin trading on foreign exchange at more competitive terms. Today, the majority of foreign exchange transactions is conducted by speculators. Institutional investors, funds and government institutions make up the rest of the players on the market.

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